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Here in Nice

viva la france!

sunny 29 °C

Nice is amazing. We arrived late on saturday to our hostel here, Villa Saint Euxpery. The hostel is an old monastery up on top of a hill just outside the center of Nice and still has a ton of the old architecture and buildings from its original use. For example, the bar at the hostel, is called The Chapel, after its former use! Its a really great place with free internet (yeah!!!), a kitchen for us to use, and again, lots of really great people to meet and hang out with.

Our first full day in the South of France was spent in the small city of Antibes, just west of Nice. We hopped a train with a group of Canadian guys we had met here the night before, and made our way to the small seaside village. Antibes has all the charm of any Mediterranean port city. Everything is within walking distance from each other, all the colors look like they came off the same paint chip called "Mediterranean Sun" and the water is clear and blue (so clear that you can see the jellyfish swimming under you!). In Antibes, we visited the acclaimed Picasso museum, where we spent much time wondering how such such pieces became acclaimed works of art...and then considered the chance that our art careers could take off if we could only smear some paint to look like that! From there we grabbed a bite to eat and headed to the beach for the rest of the day.

After dinner, a couple of the guys who we had met in Interlaken arrived in Nice and we all headed out to Vieux (Old) Nice and the downtown area to hit up the bar scene. Going out is very different in Nice. Partly because I actually can go out here, and partly because there is just so much to do and everyone does it all! On that note we took advantage of the chance to really do Nice up right and after closing down the first place, Wayne's, at 2am we headed down to the next, smaller bar, called the Blue Whale to finish our night before it closed at 4am. We finally got back to the hostel after a hassle of a taxi ride and made it to bed nice and early...at 6am. Needless to say the next day was half spent on much needed sleep, but allowed us to relax here on the riviera...like a good vacationer would.

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Interlaken Rocks!!!!

White water rafting and other adventures!


Interlaken is the place to be if you want to do something extraordinary. With all the flooding from the rain and damn breaking, lots of the extreme sports Interlaken, Switzerland is know for have been closed down. But yesterday, the white water rafting was open and we took advantage of the chance to paddle, float, swim, and get tossed overboard on glacier run-off in the Simme river at the foot of the Swiss Alps. Needless to say, we had an awesome time! Not only was the rafting great, but the scenery up to the start of the trip and along the river bank was amazing. They suit you up in these ridiculous (but entirely necessary) wetsuits and send you down a river lined with waterfalls, green hillsides, cottages, cattle, and the Alps! As the trip ended they even let you "free float" down part of the rapids which basically means you get to bounce along the river bottom until you can swim out of the rapids...its surprisingly fun!

After that adventure we headed back to the hostel only to be warned of an oncoming flood from yet another broken damn, which, fortunately never came into town. But it was a great way to get the town all riled up and the weekend festivities off to a good start! Later that night, Nicole, I, and some of the other people at our hostel, who have turned out to be a really great crowd, headed to the club down the street to make the most out of the night, and early morning. Interlaken managed to keep me out until 4am thanks to some great dancing, even better company, and the fact that, how often do you get to have the time of your life in Switzerland.

This morning Nicole and I hopped the train to Basel to catch our flight to Nice where we are now. The hostel we are staying at is a converted monastery up on this hill in Nice. The bar here is called The Chapel, because, well, that is what it used to be! Its raining now but hopefully will clear up enought for us to head out to the beaches or at least to the nearby towns of Cannes and Monaco.

So far, things are awesome. We seem to meet really great people no matter where we go. Everyone is just here for a good time and that is what seems to be happening. Hope everything is going well at home(s), its only been a few days and i feel pretty out of the loop already, i am going to be ridiculously behind the times when I get back!

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I made it

Madrid to Interlaken


First off, zou will have to excuse the 'z' that is in everz space where a 'y' should go because the kezs are reversed on this swiss kezboard....that being said: Nicole and i finallz made it to Interlaken, Swityerland late last night. we checked into our hostel which is kinda like the Winchester Mzsterz house in that it seems that thez just kept building random stuff, new rooms, more doorwazs and stairs, extra patios all over the place. Despite the Dr. Suess-ness of the place we were stoked to finallz find a place to laz down and sleep. the plane ride was long and our lazover gave us just enough time in Madrid to tootle around the citz and see a few parks and a coulple reallz old statues.

Todaz we woke up to a gorgeous, but overcast, Interlaken. With all the recent flooding here (from too much rain and a broken damn that has caused such severe flooding that part of the citz and manz activities are closed) we decide to rent bikes and take on the foot of the Swiss alps on our own. We left Interlaken and made our waz through a bunch of cute little Swiss towns with little garden gnomes and red shutters and everzthing. It was beautiful and the alps were an amaying backdrop to the green countrzside spotted with cow wearing real cowbells and little swiss cottage-stzle houses. As we finished up our daz the rain started to come down so we headed back to the hostel and headed out to dinner.

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Still in the US...

But not for long!

sunny 28 °C

Nothing too exciting here to report. Still getting all the plans in order for Nicole and my trip to Switzerland and France before the official semester starts. Also getting ready for the family vacation to Canada where we will split 10 days between Montreal and Quebec City. Ill be getting a little dose of French before even going to the Riviera!

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Getting ready to go

"The Plan"

So, for anyone who wants to keep tabs, here is "the plan" for my adventures abroad:

Nicole and I will be leaving the U.S. on August 23rd and heading to Madrid, Spain. From there we have 10 days to take it all in. Switzerland and the South of France are on the itinerary right now. Nicole heads back to the States September 3rd and I have to arrive in Cordoba, Spain on September 4th for orientation for my program and to meet my host family and the other students in my program. No word yet on who/where exactly I am living or what classes I will be taking there, im just gonna go for it and hope for the best! Wish me luck, and Ill keep ya posted.

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